Monday, July 23, 2012

Week 1 Day 1

Alarm: 6:00 am
Out of bed: 6:18 am
Laces tied: 6:30 am
Run started: 6:40 am
Run ended: 7:13 am
Distance: ??????
Temperature: 75 degrees F
Humidity: 95%

Today was supposed to be a 3 mile run plus strength training. I will be doing upper body work tonight which will include exercises from this website.

Unfortunately, around mile 2 my RunKeeper app decided to crap out on me. All of a sudden I went from 2 miles to 2.5 miles in about 2 minutes. Um, I wish I was that fast.

So I'm not really certain of my distance. I also actually had to walk some which was super disappointing considering a month ago I could run 6 miles no problem. I know the heat is oppressive but that just plain sucks.

Tomorrow is another day and I can't wait to lace up again!


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