Thursday, July 5, 2012

G-d Bless America

For the record, that was my favorite song to sing in elementary school.  We would say the Pledge of Allegiance with no question as to whether G-d had anything to do with it. We'd sing "G-d Bless America" and "You're a Grand Ole Flag."  And then we'd go on our way learning.  No drama.

Of course it's different today.  Who even talks about changing the Pledge of Allegiance??  That's crazy talk to me.  But I'm not trying to get all political on anyone.  I'm just saying, I totally taught the girls to say "G-d Bless America" and I'll make sure they continue saying it with pride.

We spent our day celebrating our Independence by eating.  A lot.

Smore's Pie

All calorie free

And swimming.

And watching the Phish webcast. Awesome videos coming soon.

And having a drink, or maybe 2. I don't know. The 4th is still going on.

Lyla was hamming it up for me 

G-d Bless America.

**Just in case anyone was wondering, in Judaism we don't believe in writing the name of our Lord.  That's why we put a dash in between the "G" and "d".


  1. Thank you, I was wondering. :)

  2. Thanks for the explanation of "G-d". That's really interesting.

    I was just telling my hubby, who grew up in Eastern Europe, how we sang all sorts of patriotic songs during music class, which I think we had a couple of times a week when I was in elementary school. I wonder if many of those songs will fall out of our cultural mainstream...both with the move away from arts and music in the school system, and the sensitivity to religious references. It just seems crazy the difference just one generation can make!

  3. I am going to have to make that s'more pie! Looks delish! Looks like y'all had a fun fourth!