About Me

My name is Cecilia.  Here are 10 things about me:

1.  I have twins.  They are identical.  They came out of no where.  I love them to pieces and they make my world go round.  Alexa Isabella and Lyla Julianne...the best surprises life can ever give you.

2.  My husband is pretty cool.  He stays home with our kids while I work, which leads to...

3.  I am a pharmacist.  Well, pharmacy manager to be exact.  That means I run the pharmacy.  I'm the boss.  Pretty cool except when I have to deal with customer complaints.   Take some responsibility for your medicine people!

4.  I run.  A lot.  It is my release and my sanity.  This is due to #1 and #3.  You can check out my running blog at MommiesRun.

5.  I love to cook.  I try to menu plan every week to keep our family organized.  I love trying new recipes and my Pinterest is filled with them!

6.  I am a die hard Tennessee Volunteers fan.  I graduated from there in 2001 and then went onto pharmacy school within the UT system.  GO BIG ORANGE!!!

7.  I am Jewish and while I don't keep Kosher or go to synagogue every Saturday, I keep my faith extremely important in my life.

8.  I love shoes.  Running shoes and Toms are my favorite.  I currently have 5 pairs of Toms but I'm always looking to expand!  My running shoes of choice are Mizunos.

9.  My iPhone is my life line.  I seriously don't remember life before this incredible invention.  My obsession slightly annoys my husband since I rarely am without it.

10.  I really love life.  I try to see the positive in every situation while sometimes annoys my techs at work.  I try to stay calm and am often quoted as saying, "Just relax, everything will be ok."


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