Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Random Cuteness

*****I'm still accepting suggestions and opinions 2 posts below! Thank you Amber and Kristen!!!*****

The girls love to pull up in their cribs. They think they're such big girls when they do it!

Lyla enjoys spending time out of the swings.

While Lyla's checking out the swings, Mama's girl is never far from me. She's at my feet tapping on the chair.
And here's Lyla under the swing now. I guess changing the oil, maybe?

Two things here: 1. Lyla's flexible, and 2. She may be the little one, but she's the tough one too.
Breakdancing? I'm not quite sure.

Two more new games include climbing into the bouncy seats and trying to get under the couch.
Just a cute girl in a dress

After sharing Cheerios on a plate, Lyla's playing with the plate and Lexi's playing with Casey
Please hold me
Smiley girl

Casey gives good kisses

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


*****Please leave me a comment about your favorites on the post below (whether you know me or not!)!!! Thank you!*****

Turn up your volume and enjoy this short video:

Tell Me Your Favorites

Hi Everyone! I'm once again looking for help! I want you all to leave me comments and tell me your favorites in these particular categories:

1. Sippy Cups
2. Big girl/boy car seats
3. Double strollers (side by side only please)

Here's my situation on all of these:

1. A few months ago, I got Lexi and Lyla the Nuk sippy cups because we use Nuk bottles. At that point they weren't so good at even holding them. To be honest, I kind of gave up on them practicing with them. I pulled them back out the other day and the girls can hold them so much better but they are getting frustrated because they can't get anything out of it. So, the genius mommy that I am, I tried to drink out of one. Um yeah. A 30 year old could have problems with that thing! Let me know what works for your babies! We're almost 9 months old so I think I better get working on this!

2. We have the Graco Safeseat infant carriers and I've been really pleased with them, but it's getting close to time to switch. We have so many Graco items, and they have all worked so well that I feel compelled to stick to the brand out of loyalty. However, this is a safety issue and therefore, extremely important to me! I know a lot of people like the Britax car seats, but once again, give me your opinion! As usual, cost is an issue, and remember, I need two.

3. Ever since that Bumbleride giveaway I entered, I've been dying for a side-by-side stroller for the girls. I do love my Graco Quattro Duo, but I often feel bad for the baby that rides in the back (Lexi). Obviously, my dream stroller is the Bumbleride due to it's size, features, and overall prettiness. But, $700 is a little bit out of the budget. Same goes for the BOB for all you BOB lovers out there...I'd love one but we have bills to pay. So does anyone have a good side-by-side they can recommend? Here's my wishlist: It can fit through doors, reclines on both sides, not too heavy, and somewhat pretty.

Ok! Get to it...Leave me comments and suggestions and thank you in advance!
Thursday, August 13, 2009

Scratch That...

So in just the few short days since my previous post, Lyla now has TWO bottom teeth, Lexi is pulling up to a stand (sometimes), and Lyla is babbling more. It is crazy how fast things happen with babies. What's really crazy though, is that you would never know Lyla cut teeth, period. The girl could not be bothered. We found the first tooth because as she was inserting my finger in her mouth one night, I felt it. Then the second one just popped out the other day, and Josh said, "Lyla has another tooth." She has handled it like nothing has happened! Now Lexi might end up being a different story. Josh said she has been needy the past couple of days but ice in the mesh feeder and finger foods have been making her happy. So she's either getting ready to cut a tooth or she's just a piggie (probably a combination of the two)! I wish I had some pictures of Lyla's teeth to post but she will not let me get a picture! Here are some other pictures though that I had promised the other day!

Hello Baby Blues

We love our new toy from Grandma and Grandpa!
Hard at work

Lexi is looking a little plump in the above picture. That's all I wanted to say about that.

I guess it makes sense for the talkative baby to have the phone in her mouth
You might think that Casey looks upset about what's going on in this picture. But the truth is she loves it. She is never NOT around the babies. She lets them tug on her ears and tail. Also, we do have another dog. For some reason Piper runs from the camera.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Four Days of Bliss

Today is the last day of my AWESOME four day weekend. Even though I truly do love my job, I get so sad to think about having to go back to work! Lexi and Lyla are just such joys to be around! I feel bad because I have been doing an awful job at updating what they have been up to. Let's see...

Lyla's cut a tooth
Lexi's *this* close to crawling
both are desperate to pull up to a stand but are just not quite there
both are back to babbling and Lexi says "uh-oh"
we're about to be out of Swaddlers and into Cruisers
both girls are mastering feeding themselves
they look at each other and smile and laugh
both girls are ticklish on their feet
I took them out BY MYSELF (to work where they are so loved)
both girls LOVE both sets of Grandparents
they both smile ALL THE TIME
they both can get out of a sitting position themselves (on purpose)
Lexi would rather stand than sit
Lyla does little dances
Lyla shakes her head "no"
both girls sleep on their tummies or sides now

That's it for now. I could probably think of a ton of other things they do. They are just such sweethearts lately, I can't get enough of it. Every month I find myself thinking, "this is my favorite month so far". But really, 8 months has been fantastic. I am SO LUCKY!

I need to go take a shower while the girls are napping, but I'll post some pictures in a little bit....stay tuned! Ok, here's one to tide you all over (it's my new favorite!)

Saturday, August 8, 2009

I'd Kill For This...

Two Of A Kind is giving away this awesome stroller. I've been wanting a side-by-side stroller in addition to the tandem stroller that I already have so that both girls can see the world in front of them! Bumbleride makes some beautiful strollers don't they (clearly they are proud of their products based on the prices!)! Anyway, I get a couple of extra entries for blogging about the giveaway, but please check out the blog also! Wish me luck!
Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Happy Eight Months!

Happy 8 months sweet baby girls! You are both so very loved and you make your Mama and Daddy so happy.