Thursday, July 12, 2012

Princess Teeth

The time had come. Cue the Imperial Death March from Star Wars...


Let's be honest, the word "dentist" can strike fear in even the manliest of men. I mean, not many people enjoy going to get their teeth cleaned and examined. Except, ahem, me, but that's neither here nor there. I honestly never felt like that until I started seeing my current dentist. He belongs to my pharmacist role model, Tiffany, so we know he's good people. I also knew he'd be the perfect person to take care of my lovelies teeth.

I had started talking to the girls about Dr. Micah a few months ago to prepare them for the big day. Every night they talked about how proud "Dr. Makeup" would be of their teeth. I was still terrified about how they would react.

The big day arrived on Tuesday, July 3. We walked in the office and Lexi immediately felt at home. Lyla clung to her Daddy. Miss Cheryl immediately doted on the girls to make them feel special. She took Lexi on a tour but Lyla freaked as soon as she saw Dr. Micah in his mask and special glasses.

To ease Lyla's fears, one of the staff members, Miss Stefanie, brought out Gus the Gator. The girls got to practice brushing his teeth and he even could spit at them!

Miss Stefanie then took them back to show them the special chair. She was so amazing at making them comfortable.

Then their hygienist, Miss Paula, came in and got to cleaning. Lyla was up first and did AMAZING. my little sweetheart was like an old pro! Lexi couldn't wait for her turn too!  Miss Paula even let Josh and I use Mr. Thirsty (the straw that sucks out the water).

They both did so well and we couldn't have been any Prouder. I am so thankful for all the kind people there who made the visit so easy. They treated Lexi and Lyla like celebrities.

We are now flossing daily thanks to our special dinosaur flossers.  Who knew dental hygiene could be so fun?!


  1. You are just the best mother
    Looks like a wonderful time they had! ;)
    Never say a DDS give such sweet hugs!

    1. Thanks but you've raised some pretty amazing kids yourself! It's all about love :). I hope you woke up grateful for another day!! Love ya!

  2. Making a dentist appointment for my girls is on my list for this month. I hope they do as well as L & L did!!