Sunday, July 18, 2010


About a month ago, Josh’s cousin Kim and her kids came through town for a quick visit.  Both Josh and I are only children, so it was very exciting for Lexi and Lyla to get to meet their second (?) cousins, Julie and Abby.  Julie and Abby were so sweet with Lexi and Lyla and we had a great time visiting.  Hopefully they will come back soon so we can spend more time together!

Lexi and Lyla 047

Lexi and Lyla 048

Lexi and Lyla 050

Lexi and Lyla 051

Lexi and Lyla 056

Lexi and Lyla 057

Lexi and Lyla 060

Lexi and Lyla 062

Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Little Things

It’s true.  Kids love playing with the big box that expensive toy came in just as much (or more) than the toy itself.  Plastic bins and Rubbermaid containers are no exception to this rule.

Lexi and Lyla 001

Lexi and Lyla 002

Lexi and Lyla 003

Lexi and Lyla 006

Lexi and Lyla 010

Lexi and Lyla 037

Lexi and Lyla 040

Lexi and Lyla 041

Lexi and Lyla 042

Lexi and Lyla 045

Friday, July 16, 2010

Happy 19 Months!

I’m only like 13 days late on this one.  I’m thinking about bringing an end to the monthly picture post.  I can’t get Lexi and Lyla to sit still and both look at the camera.  However, Josh has said that he knows how old they are based on these monthly posts, so it’s a big decision!

There were so many pictures to choose from this month.  I could go with this beauty:

Lexi and Lyla 022

Or how about this one?

Lexi and Lyla 025

This one came out fantastic:

Lexi and Lyla 064

Don’t be jealous of all the choices I had.  In the end, the best ones were some solo pictures:

Lexi and Lyla 041

Lexi and Lyla 042

Happy 19 months sweet baby girls.  Everyday is a new adventure with you angels.  Your Daddy and I can’t wait to see what each new month brings.  We love you both more than we could ever express!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Utensils Are Fun

So I’ve clearly been lacking on the blog posts lately, please forgive me.  My free time has been taken up by exciting things like vampires, werewolves, singing high school students, and peeping toms.  Cool, huh?  Ok, for those that might not understand…I’ve been reading the Twilight series, watching True Blood, catching up on the first season of Glee, and Big Brother just started back!  Anyway, I will put down Eclipse, and catch you all up on all things Lexi and Lyla! 

I finally started working on spoons and forks about a month and  a half ago with the girls.  They really caught on fast and I’m so proud of them!  The only problem…they do NOT like it when I take their utensils away at the end of a meal! 

Lexi and Lyla 069

Lexi and Lyla 065

Lexi and Lyla 010

Lexi and Lyla 011

Lexi and Lyla 012

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Funny Videos

Here are a few funny videos of the girls playing. It's amazing what random "toy" can occupy 2 toddlers!

In the first 2 videos, that's Lyla pushing Lexi:

In this video, that's Lexi with her makeshift "shoe":