Saturday, March 31, 2012


As we're getting the girls in their car seats to go shopping:

Daddy: What are we going to buy?

Lexi: We are going to the store and we are going to buy EVERYTHING.
Thursday, March 29, 2012

Thursday Things

1. I've had the Sickness the past couple days. You know, sore throat, cough, sinus congestion, and nausea. Lovely. Luckily, my awesome temporary partner, Drace, came to my rescue yesterday and let me go home. I'm also blessed to have a husband who took care of the girls and bathed (!) them so I could wallow in my misery. (Also, a big thank you to my PCP for authorizing a refill on Tussionex).

2. Finished:

3. Ready to start:

4. Josh cut the grass today for the first time this season. He had some helpers:

5. I love that Lexi and Lyla can enjoy the outdoors and entertain each other. It's amazing how much they've grown since last summer when I had to sit in their "treehouse" with them.

6. Apparently my bathroom is a breeding zone for ladybugs. They just hang out in there like it's some ladybug bar, waiting to find some manbugs to hook up with. Are there such things as manbugs? I doubt it. Anyway, I played with one the other night while Lexi and Lyla took a bath:

That's it friends! I hope y'all have had a great week! Enjoy Friday and be your best at whatever you do!
Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Living in an iPad world

3 year olds working an iPad like they are turning the pages of a book. Technology is amazing. Even more amazing is the fact that Lexi and Lyla will sit and SHARE the iPad. Shhh...Mommy's iPad is in her night table drawer :)
Monday, March 26, 2012

Monday Musings

I didn't get to do my usual routine of menu planning and shopping today because I had inventory at the pharmacy. When I got home, I relaxed with the girls as Lexi fed her new Sleeping Beauty doll her French toast sticks and Lyla stole my iced coffee. As I was watching them sit side by side, doing their own thing, I couldn't help but marvel at how different these 2 people who shared a womb are. And yet they are almost incomplete when they are separated. It's a phenomenon that is so special and I am so glad I, an only child, get to experience it through them.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Lexi: I'm going to work tomorrow.
Mommy: No Lex, mommy goes to work tomorrow.
Lexi: Ok mommy, I can't drive because my hand is broken.


What's been cooking on Pinterest

Garlic and lemon chicken with potatoes and green beans
This turned out pretty tasty except neither Josh nor I really liked the green beans. I think next time I might use broccoli or asparagus instead. I used chicken tenders instead of bone-in chicken breasts and that worked just as well for us. I would definitely make this again!

Chicken parmesan
Josh had requested chicken Parmesan and I found this recipe to try. The chicken turned out great but we both agreed that next time I would just use my sauce recipe that I've perfected over the years. The chicken is definitely a keeper though!

BBQ chicken pasta bake
This is a repeat recipe, I think the fourth time I've made it. I always double the recipe because I can't get enough of it. Also, go ahead and prepare a larger portion of the cheese sauce than How Sweet recommends because the smoked cheese is just THAT GOOD.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Menu plan

About a month ago I started planning out our menu for the week. Every Sunday night, I clip and organize any and all coupons. Then I ask Josh if he has any suggestions for dinner for the week:

Me: Do you have any dinner requests?
Josh: No. Well, how about buffalo chicken.

Basically, he would eat buffalo chicken for every meal. Then, I ignore him and go to my Pinterest Page and find some fun new, or some old tried and try recipes.

Monday morning, I wake my happy little butt up and go grocery shopping BY MYSELF (this is key for all you mommies out there). It's exhilarating. I don't end up with 5 boxes of Princess snacks in my cart.

So, here's our menu for the week! I hope y'all find some inspiration. Menu planning has seriously changed my life. I no longer have to answer the super annoying question,
What are we having for dinner?

Monday: Make your own taco salads

Tuesday: Crockpot vegetable soup

Wednesday: Restaurant style steaks and baked potatoes or sweet potatoes

Thursday: BBQ chicken pasta bake

Friday: leftover extravaganza!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Hanging with the Homegirls

Today we got to play with one of my oldest friends, Brooke, and her little sweetheart, Celia. Lexi and Lyla love their little homegirl, and they especially love their Aunt Brooke. We first played outside since it is STILL so gorgeous here. Celia loved going down the slide and clearly she loved the swings.

Then we went to the new yogurt place at the nearby outside mall, Berry Berry Good. I think it's pretty obvious that the girls enjoyed their yogurt. Even though I'm counting calories, I had a little bit myself and I give it 2 thumbs up! Brooke is pregnant with Lubin #2 so she can enjoy carefree (no fair).

We took advantage of the beautiful day and let the girls play around the fountain that is right outside of the store. It was so fun watching these little girls have the time of their lives. I love that they can start friendships so young. I know they will be friends as long as their Mommies have been friends (ahem, like 25 years or more?).

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

First Popsicles of the Season

It's March 14th. I got home from work an hour ago and found Lexi and Lyla outside with Josh soaking up this beautiful 80 degree spring winter weather. Josh is now blowing leaves, the girls are playing in the water table, and I'm listening to Good Life by One Republic on Spotify

Please tell me what there is to complain about...

I love these moments when there's nothing else to do but smile and thank G-d for all of his blessings. Like how little Lyla just put on her Puddle Jumper and asked to go swimming in our non-existent pool. Or how proud Lexi is when she climbs up the slide then goes back down. Or how Josh is screaming over the noise of the blower cheering his daughters on. I foresee many more days like this in our family's future.

What's For Dinner 3/13/12

Tonight was a repeat performance here at the Jones house. I first made these a few weeks ago and we instantly fell in love. Josh LOVES Krystal's and White Castle, so when I stumbled across this recipe on Pinterest, I knew I had to make it. I'm sure any of my old Delta Gamma sisters will join me in remembering some good times at the old Krystal's on the strip, so make this for your families and smile at the memories!!

This recipe for Homemade White Castle Sliders was adapted from Mommy's Kitchen's recipe. I made only slight changes to suit my families wishes. I didn't take any pictures but I'll try and take more to show the deliciousness that we like to eat! Enjoy!

Homemade White Castle Sliders

2 lbs angus ground chuck 80/20
minced onion flakes to cover bottom of pan
seasoned salt to cover
black pepper
cheese of your preference (we use American)
slider rolls

1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees F
2. Cover bottom of a sheet cake pan with minced onion flakes
3. Pat out ground chuck to cover the pan into a huge patty
4. Sprinkle patty liberally with seasoned salt and black pepper
5. Cook in oven for 20 minutes (the patty will shrink inward while cooking)
6. Remove pan and blot patty with paper towel to absorb excess oil
7. Cover patty with cheese and place in oven for additional 2 minutes
8. Remove pan and let sit 5 minutes
9. Cut patties to fit slider rolls (should make 12)
10. Dress 'em up and throw 'em back!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Don't Call It A Comeback

I'M BACK! I know I've been missed, so it's time to come back for KeepingUpWithTheJoneses 2.0.

Let's last post was May 26, 2011. That is almost 10 months ago, and surprisingly, when you have twin 3 year olds, a lot can happen in 10 months. So here is 10 months in a nutshell:

Lexi: This darling child has become a PRINCESS. Miss priss likes all things Dora and all things princess. She loves to dance and sing and boss her sister around. She has an amazing memory and learns very quickly. Still a mommy's girl, she loves to go shopping, and her favorite store is "the red one" (Target). Lexi's best friend is Lyla and her favorite colors are red and pink. Totally potty trained, but still thinks she needs a present everytime she poops in the potty. She loves her grandparents and all her "aunts and uncles" and is becoming the type of person who has never met a stranger.

Lyla: Our little cuddle bug, she is truly a free spirit. You'll often find her running around the house in nothing but her panties. While she is more of a tomboy, she is becoming more and more interested in princesses, dress up, and tea parties. She is an adventurous soul and loves to try new things. Lyla loves to shop as well, but is never as demanding as her sister. She can be stubborn, as evidenced by her unwillingness to poop in the potty, although she's Lexi's biggest cheerleader when Lexi poops. She's a true sweetheart and also loves her family so much.

Josh: We're still blessed to call him a stay at home Daddy. The girls absolutely adore him and they think he is the funniest dude ever. He still loves the Vols like I do, and we're hoping to take the girls to Knoxville for the spring game. He took me to Ohio last summer for 2 Phish shows and to ride some awesome roller coasters. Josh loves his video games and keeps us up to date with the latest technology (I'm typing this on my iPhone).

Me: I'm still working full time as a pharmacist, managing my store. I absolutely love my pharmacy, patients, and co-workers. I had gotten really into running but quit when it got cold. I'm starting Couch to 5k back up and hope to stick with it this time. I've become addicted to Pinterest and I love to cook fun recipes I find on there.

I know there is more I could share, but that's all I can think of for now. My hope is that I can not only update the world on our amazing family, but also share recipes and other helpful tid bits on life!