Wednesday, March 14, 2012

First Popsicles of the Season

It's March 14th. I got home from work an hour ago and found Lexi and Lyla outside with Josh soaking up this beautiful 80 degree spring winter weather. Josh is now blowing leaves, the girls are playing in the water table, and I'm listening to Good Life by One Republic on Spotify

Please tell me what there is to complain about...

I love these moments when there's nothing else to do but smile and thank G-d for all of his blessings. Like how little Lyla just put on her Puddle Jumper and asked to go swimming in our non-existent pool. Or how proud Lexi is when she climbs up the slide then goes back down. Or how Josh is screaming over the noise of the blower cheering his daughters on. I foresee many more days like this in our family's future.


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