Monday, March 12, 2012

Don't Call It A Comeback

I'M BACK! I know I've been missed, so it's time to come back for KeepingUpWithTheJoneses 2.0.

Let's last post was May 26, 2011. That is almost 10 months ago, and surprisingly, when you have twin 3 year olds, a lot can happen in 10 months. So here is 10 months in a nutshell:

Lexi: This darling child has become a PRINCESS. Miss priss likes all things Dora and all things princess. She loves to dance and sing and boss her sister around. She has an amazing memory and learns very quickly. Still a mommy's girl, she loves to go shopping, and her favorite store is "the red one" (Target). Lexi's best friend is Lyla and her favorite colors are red and pink. Totally potty trained, but still thinks she needs a present everytime she poops in the potty. She loves her grandparents and all her "aunts and uncles" and is becoming the type of person who has never met a stranger.

Lyla: Our little cuddle bug, she is truly a free spirit. You'll often find her running around the house in nothing but her panties. While she is more of a tomboy, she is becoming more and more interested in princesses, dress up, and tea parties. She is an adventurous soul and loves to try new things. Lyla loves to shop as well, but is never as demanding as her sister. She can be stubborn, as evidenced by her unwillingness to poop in the potty, although she's Lexi's biggest cheerleader when Lexi poops. She's a true sweetheart and also loves her family so much.

Josh: We're still blessed to call him a stay at home Daddy. The girls absolutely adore him and they think he is the funniest dude ever. He still loves the Vols like I do, and we're hoping to take the girls to Knoxville for the spring game. He took me to Ohio last summer for 2 Phish shows and to ride some awesome roller coasters. Josh loves his video games and keeps us up to date with the latest technology (I'm typing this on my iPhone).

Me: I'm still working full time as a pharmacist, managing my store. I absolutely love my pharmacy, patients, and co-workers. I had gotten really into running but quit when it got cold. I'm starting Couch to 5k back up and hope to stick with it this time. I've become addicted to Pinterest and I love to cook fun recipes I find on there.

I know there is more I could share, but that's all I can think of for now. My hope is that I can not only update the world on our amazing family, but also share recipes and other helpful tid bits on life!


  1. I'm glad you're back. what a blessing in my life to know you, Josh and the girls.

  2. Cecilia- loved reading about your family! Your girls are too precious! I'm so glad to find more of my friends who blog- I'm trying to stay dedicated to it as well!! Glad you are doing well!!

  3. So glad you're back! Those two cuties have certainly grown! They're precious! Excited to keep in touch again :)