Friday, April 30, 2010

Learning To Share

Let's be honest...there's not a lot of sharing going on lately. It doesn't matter that we have 2 of everything (for the most part), whatever one has the other one wants. Without pointing fingers, I would say that one sister tends to be more "grabby" than the other (ahem, Lyla). But the other sister does have her moments, like this afternoon as I was changing them after their nap. I was changing Lyla's diaper and she was still very sleepy, clinging to her paci and lovie. Lexi was hanging out in the crib and decided to throw everything out of the crib, including HER paci and lovie. Well, once she realized what she had done she got upset, and of course, decided the best solution to her problem was to come snatch Lyla's paci and lovie right out of her mouth and hand, respectively. Sigh. That's why incidents like the ones below are just way too sweet.

Lexi loves to play with these old hats. She decided to share with her sister and even put the hat on Lyla's head for her.

Almost got it, Lyla. Try bending down a bit, we are the same height.

Good enough. You look gorgeous!