Monday, April 5, 2010

Lexi's New Thing and Other Randomness

Lexi has a new place she likes to keep her Lovie:

I can't even try to explain why she does this because I seriously have no clue, but she will walk around the play room for 30 minutes with that Lovie on her head! She doesn't get mad if you take it off but she will put it back on. My kids are seriously hilarious.

Love this girl and her goofy grin

Lexi may put Lovies on her head, but Lyla likes to put things between her toes which might be even weirder:

Lexi made up her own "baby sign" for I Don't Know. It also works for All Done, although that is usually accompanied by "Ah Dah"

And one last piece of randomness...Can you guess what's going on in this picture? Leave me a comment with your guess and I'll post the answer in a few days!


  1. Sweet pictures! I like the lovie on her head...that's hilarious. I'm not sure about that last picture, but it looks a lot like what I see when I look down these days--little girls pulling up on my pants legs! : )

  2. I love the lovie. I have no idea what is going on in that picture. Unless, they are going under your legs???