Monday, April 19, 2010

Climb And Slide

About a month ago, Josh and I got the girls a "big girl" toy. I guess it's not so much a toy, but a thing that they can use to give Mama a heart attack. It's the......Climb And Slide. At first it kind of just frustrated Lexi and Lyla, but now they are really able to climb on it and they seem to enjoy it more. We're still working on the sliding part, but that's improving also. I still get nervous when they're both standing on it, or when they're both climbing on it from either end, but I'm getting better too!

Let's meet in the middle Sissy

Lyla's manning the ship

Lexi likes to give the wheel kisses (I have no idea why)

Lexi's climbing

Lexi's standing

Lexi's sitting
Lexi's sliding!

Sliding straight into Mama's arms!

Look at me! I conquered it!

What a big girl

Sliding again because practice makes perfect

Trying to teach her not to climb up the slide, and this is the face I get. Seriously? How am I ever going to discipline these kids?


  1. How cute! That is definitely a favorite pasttime in this house.

  2. Oh my word, your girls are sooo stinkin'cute!! We might need to get one of those slides for our house :).

  3. We have been thinking about getting this same slide. Glad it looks like so much fun. And, of course, we have that dress too!