Sunday, November 8, 2009

Random Pictures

I'm not feeling very wordy tonight, so I'm just going to provide some cute pictures of some cute girls for today's post. We have a play date tomorrow with Chase and Julianna so I'm sure that will provide an exciting update! Lexi and Lyla had a great weekend and we hope everyone else did too!

I love this face. So sweet and innocent.

Cold water makes the skin around Lexi's eyes turn pink but she loves it!

It's amazing how anything can become a toy to two 11-month olds!

They've started to push each other around, it's so cute!

Lyla's taking a breather


  1. So jealous of your playdate :( But I am sure it will be a blast. Can't wait to see pictures!

  2. They are just sooo cute!! I'm gonna have to come over again really soon and get some more baby lovin' before I have another baby of my own baby to be lovin' on, lol. Julianna had a blast with the girls! I love how she would walk by them and pet the tops of their heads like they were dogs. Good thing they don't have hair or she probably would have been pulling it! :)

  3. that is too funny about the foam mat border...C&H love their too...I just quit putting it back on bc they would pull it right back off!!! why do we buy them toys???