Thursday, November 12, 2009

Play Date Fun!

On Monday, Lexi and Lyla had a play date with Julianna. Chase, Juju's brother, got a better offer, and ditched us girls. I still am amazed that a little boy could have a better offer than playing with his little sister and two 11-month old baby girls, but whatever ;) Anyway, we had a fun time! The girls got along really well, although I don't think Juju is used to having anyone steal toys from her! She really enjoyed petting Casey from the other side of the playgate, and then she'd come over and pet Lexi and Lyla on the head! It was SO CUTE. At one point, Juju and Lyla were playing in the ball pit, and I guess Lyla saw Juju standing so she just decided to stand up! I hope we can do it again soon, Kristen! Next time maybe Leslie and Ella can join us!

Juju and one of the twins. I honestly can't tell which one this is!

Here's Juju petting Casey

Kristen and Lyla (who never met a lap she didn't like!)

All 3 girls playing

Bye bye Ms. Kristen and Juju! Come back soon!


  1. Thanks for having us! I know that JuJu had a blast! And that was her first official playdate!!

    Yes, I think it would be so much fun to get them all together when Leslie comes. I already told her that your house is a much better option for THREE crawling babies/toddlers than mine, for sure! So let's plan it(now that I'm inviting myself over, lol.)

  2. I am glad that yall had so much fun.

    Good, because I was going to invite myself over anyway too. Off the blog, let's start talking availability. If I don't plan ahead, then I get so booked up and life is no fun :(