Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Happy 11 Months!

This is the last month that my babies will actually be considered "babies". Clearly, they will always be MY babies, but starting at 12 months they will be considered "toddlers". It is so amazing how fast a year can fly by. Lexi and Lyla are such happy girls and they truly seem to enjoy their lives. I know that I can not imagine my life without them. Their sweet smiles and giggles brighten my days and nights. I am so thankful for their presence in my world and I hope that their happiness continues.

Lexi and Lyla love to play with each other and they LOVE their ball pit. They love to climb in and out of it and they love to put all of their other toys inside of it. They also have been loving their walkers. They love the freedom that it provides them and I love to watch their little feet pitter-patter all over the house! They cruise all over the place, and Lexi will stand for a few seconds at a time and Josh said she took a step yesterday. Lyla also stands for a couple seconds but she carefully bends her knees and squats down with a lot of control.

They continue to LOVE their doggies. I think we might even be able to count "Piper" as Lexi's first word. I think she knows who Piper is when she says it, but I really can't be sure. I do know that when we say Piper, she looks at Piper. They both still say Mama, Dada, baba, and ball (sometimes). Of course we hear a lot of other "words" at times but I'm not sure if they truly have meaning ;)

When it comes to eating, if they can feed it to themselves, they love it. I really can't think of a food that they have tried that they have not enjoyed. They still love their daily pancakes (WITH SYRUP!), and I've been giving them some bagel and cream cheese some days, as well. They've tried tilapia, snap peas, green bean casserole, mac and cheese, sweet potato fries, black beans, roast, chicken, lasagna, ravioli, garlic bread...um the list could go on for a while. I'm still trying to figure out which sippy cup is going to be best for them but right now the winner seems to be a straw sippy cup. Right now they still get 3 bottles a day but they get sippy cups with water at meals and throughout the day.

Ok, I think most of that might be more for my memories, but if you enjoyed it and actually read it, thanks! Now for the 11 month picture FAIL:


  1. Oh my goodness.....In just a couple of weeks my girls will be hitting this mark too. So sad how fast they grow...but so much fun with each new day and each new discovery! Again, LOVED your pics trying to get them to sit still. So funny!! They are just dolls.

  2. Love the pictures. They look like they are having the best time! I still call Sophie and Hannah my "babies". I can't bring myself to call them toddlers!

  3. Hi Baby, take it from me,,,,,in your heart your "babies" will always be "your babies" no matter how old they are!
    I love you, Daddy

  4. How about posting a photo of the babies wearing the bib overalls or the jeans!