Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Fall Back

I was pretty nervous about how Lexi and Lyla would adjust to Daylight Savings Time ending on this previous Sunday morning. Having twins has required us to become pretty scheduled, although as they get older, this schedule gets looser and looser. So you can imagine how nervous I truly was regarding the time change.

My parents came over on Saturday night to watch the girls while Josh and I watched the Vols WHIP some Gamecock butt! I didn't think to keep the girls up an hour later, and honestly, I thought that would make us worse off anyway. So they went to bed as they normally do. Lately, they had been waking up around 8 in the morning. All I could do was laugh when at 7 o'clock ON THE DOT on Sunday morning I heard them giggling over the monitor. I let them chat and do their thing until 7:30 so that we'd be a little bit closer to our schedule. The rest of the day went as it normally does, they just had to hold out naps and bedtime a little bit.

On Monday morning, I opened my eyes to the brightness in our bedroom. I figured it was probably almost 7 since I hadn't heard a peep from my pipsqueaks yet. I looked at the clock and almost fell out of bed when I realized it was 8:30! So much for having to slowly adjust the girls back! Thank goodness!

I had to do some schedule switching at work so I was off on Tuesday. Well, once again, I woke up on my own to the beautiful sun shining into our bedroom. No sounds yet from my little angels, I looked at the clock...8:45! I had to wake THEM up!

Moral of the story: You can never predict how my girls are going to react to any given situation. But I believe they are amazing and I am grateful for the extra sleep they have been giving me! (Fingers crossed that I did not jinx myself!)


  1. are lucky. I kept Ella up an hour later and we are still having some minor problems at night. She is so tired and wants to go to sleep at 6 instead of 7.

  2. So jealous!! We've been trying to adjust all week. My girls want to nap an hour earlier, go to bed an hour earlier, and yep, wake up an hour earlier. It's been crazy! Way to go Lexi and Lyla!!