Monday, November 2, 2009

Daddy's Little Pumpkins

Josh and I picked out the cutest little pumpkins last weekend for our little pumpkins. I wrote their names in bubble letters on them so that Josh could carve them out. But first, I HAD to get pictures of them with their pumpkins. This is easier said than done. Long gone are the days where my beautiful daughters will just sit and smile at the camera. Actually, they'll do anything BUT sit and smile at the camera. I'm happily accepting suggestions on how to get Lexi and Lyla to sit still for pictures ;)


  1. They arent' Identical are they?

  2. We got cute little pumpkins about that size too! I wrote their names and 1st Halloween on them, but I didn't do so well with the picture-taking. We might try carving their names next year...although it would have to be much larger pumpkins for us!! : )

  3. Adorable. Embrace the "not sitting still." I figure that I am at least getting pictures to document the craziness. Can't wait to see the girls soon! I will let you know our schedule whenever we figure it out.