Tuesday, January 13, 2009


As a new mother, I think it is my right to think my daughters are the most beautiful girls in the world. I actually think that that is EVERY mother's right. But I also have photographic evidence that will follow my ramblings.

Josh and I have decided to start a bedtime ritual to work Lexi and Lyla toward sleeping through the night. I think at 6 weeks old they are probably still too young for this and with their smaller weights they probably still need that middle of the night feeding. I will be asking their pediatrician about this at their 2 month appointment. So, after we feed them at 10:00 pm (or around then), we give them their baths, dress them in cozy sleepers, and then put them in the pack n play. I have to say that although it's only been a couple of nights, I think we are actually doing something right! Josh had to actually wake them up for their middle of the night feeding and their early morning feeding, but they both took their whole bottles both times. He clocked out at 6:00 am and my shift began with Lyla being super awake in her bouncy seat but not crying. Lexi was back out like a light of course. This is a running joke in our house because Lyla is always awake and crying for me, while Lexi does the same for her Daddy. Can you understand why we call Lyla, Daddy's baby, and Lexi, Mama's baby? Anyway, a small success for the Jones girls.

And now some pictures from the past couple of nights of the girls after their baths and in the pack n play (Lexi on the left and Lyla on the right in all of these):


  1. As the "Zayde" to Lexi and Lyla, I must agree with Cecilia that her daughters are the most beautiful girls in the world! Well, since Cecilia is my daughter allow me to change it to say that Lexi and Lyla are 2 of the 3 most beautiful girls in the world!

    "Zayde" = grandfather

  2. Your dad is too sweet! I think the routine is a great idea and it looks like it may be doing some good. Yeah!

  3. Good job with the bedtime routine! You'll be surprised how quickly they will move that 10 o'clock back to like 7pm! What will you do with all of that "no babies" time?? Sleep probably....or blog. :)

    I think you'll like having them on a schedule like that, and they'll like it too.

  4. I totally agree with the schedule too. Both my boys have done really well with it. I do look forward to the day when you start their bedtime routine at 7pm for you! Much more sleep for mom and dad!

  5. I'm all about the schedule. When my sister was here, it didn't matter since there were two of us and two of them. As soon as she left, though, I put them on a schedule by waking the other when one would wake up from a nap (only during the day!), and it has saved my sanity! At 5.5 months, they take 3 naps a day AT THE SAME TIME (one usually around 2 hours, and 2 about an hour at most), and sleep 7-7. Having them both sleep at the same time during the day is the best thing ever! It took until now to finally get Emma sleeping as well as Cora at night. She typically wakes up around 3-5am, eats & goes right back to sleep. The last few nights, though, we've had to wake HER up in the morning!

    One thing I read in almost every baby book the first time around was that babies shouldn't be up more than 2 hours at a stretch. It's so true! When that 2-hour mark comes around, they both become exorcist children until I put them down for a nap. The 2-hour thing was how I finally got them going to bed at 7.

    Cora started sleeping 6 hours at a stretch at night around a month old when we finally thought to stop waking her up every time Emma woke up. She's been a fantastic sleeper since!

  6. I forgot to add I was TERRIFIED their pediatrician was going to scold me for letting Cora sleep 6 hour stretches at night at a month old and tell me to start waking her up for the 2-3 hour feeding, but she didn't. She was very impressed and happy I was able to get some rest on the nights my husband took Emma's first feed. Seriously, both of my girls combined sleep so much better than my oldest did as a newborn/infant. At 4 years old, she STILL wakes up once or twice a week in the middle of the night because she's scared!