Saturday, January 31, 2009

Public Thank You Note and Bumbo Seats

Kind of a weird combination...I know. But they kind of tie together if you bear with me. We have been limiting our visitors like the pediatrician requested, but my dear friend Cindy texted me this week asking if she could come visit today. She is a pharmacy resident at Lebonheur Children's Hospital and is super busy so I decided it would be okay. Plus the girls are over 8 weeks old now so I think visitors are more welcome now.
Anyway, that's Cindy up above. We've actually known each other for quite a while now. We were physics lab partners back in Knoxville um....maybe 9 years ago? Then we re-met when I started my job after I graduated from pharmacy school. So here's the Public Thank You Note: Cindy brought Lexi and Lyla the cutest stuff today!
She had read on here how I decided I liked dressing Lexi and Lyla alike and she bought them a bunch of new clothes! Thank you so much, Cindy. That was so sweet of you and I've already washed all of them. I can't wait to dress them in their cute clothes! Plus, she brought a Wub-a-Nub, which is a Soothie pacifier with a little stuffed animal attached to it. So cute.

Josh and I have been so blessed by the gifts that we have received for Lexi and Lyla before and after they were born. I have been completely overwhelmed by our family and friend's generosity. From my pharmacy co-workers buying our pack n play and swings, to my aunt buying all of their bedding. From one of my patients hand knitting blankets, to friends getting us Phish tickets. It goes on and on and I am truly thankful. I just want everyone to know that we love you all and appreciate everything that you all have done for us.

Onto the Bumbo, well step-grandmother, Carol purchased them from our registry for Lexi and Lyla. Tonight Josh and I were dancing with the girls (don't laugh) before we fed them and decided to try them out. The results were hilarious:
Lyla and Lexi (with the Wub-a-Nub)

Josh was trying to get Piper to sit in between them. I didn't mean to get him in the picture!

I think they did pretty good for being 8 weeks old! Thank you Carol!


  1. They look so cute in their seats. I am getting Ella's down tomorrow to try her out in it. I love dancing around with Ella, so no laughs from me. Good thing you did it before they ate or all that food might have come up.

  2. So cute! They're doing very well in their Bumbos. Mine finally tolerate them for short spurts.

    And I'm totally jealous of your Phish tickets! I haven't been to a concert in years, back in my hippy-ish days. Most things from those days have gone by the wayside, but I still love the music.

  3. Really adforable clothing! I'm jealous. lol. They are so cute in those bumbo seats.

  4. As Lexi and Lyla's zayde I am well qualified, if not slightly biased, to say that they are beautiful babies. And being that I am Cecilia's daddy, as you can see from the picture of her that is attached with this post, it only makes sense that my "beautiful baby" would have "beautiful babies!"