Thursday, January 29, 2009

Lyla Julianne (Formerly known as Baby B)

My little Lyla and I are enjoying some quality time together this morning as big sister Lexi is napping. We've been reading books, doing tummy time, and cuddling. Both girls go for their 2 month check up next Tuesday and they will be getting their first round of shots then. I am terrified to hear the noises that will come out of these girls! I will definitely post how that goes! As I was taking these pictures, Lyla kept giving me little smiles but unfortunately I wasn't able to catch any of them on camera!

Here are some pictures of Lyla:


  1. Lyla looks so adorable in those pictures!
    Give her a big hug from Zayde.

  2. Lyla is no longer the smaller baby, she is at least the same size as Lexi. She is also beautiful. If you dress them alike you are going to have trouble telling them apart.

  3. Cecilia,,,,I know what Lyla is saying in the 3rd picture. With her arms stretched out, she is saying:
    "Mama and Daddy,
    I love you both T-H-I-S much!"