Saturday, May 22, 2010

Playing Outside

We've been playing outside a lot lately and we are loving it!! Lyla is so curious about everything around her. She's such a gatherer and loves to collect things such as leaves and pieces of mulch (eww!). Lexi is more conservative and took a little while to warm up to walking in the grass. She still prefers to be by my side and will sit beside me while Lyla wanders. Does anyone have any good suggestions for fun outdoors toys? I want to get a water table but I'll take any ideas!

They were quite the kickers in utero

Lyla might be a Lefty?

Pure joy :)

Taking time to smell the flowers

The flowers almost as pretty as Lyla

Lyla is definitely not afraid to get dirty

Lexi does not enjoy getting messy like Lyla does

I felt like they were plotting something at this point. They stood there looking at something in the garage for a couple minutes and speaking their special language.

Of course Hollywood had to steal my glasses.

For all of you on Lexi/Lyla Hair Watch 2010: Check out those luscious locks blowing in the wind!


  1. kids love bubble can get a good one from target or walmart for about $10.

  2. My girls favorite outside toys are sidewalk chalk, they have two water tables and love them both but to be honest, they will take the watering cans, shovels, rakes, etc and just dig in the dirt. They also bubbles, little cars that roll on the driveway, tricycles, bikes & gators. And last but not least, their swingset & sprinklers.
    Great pictures of your sweet girls!

  3. If you want a water table, Costco is selling them right now that come with an umbrella attachment so they won't get too much sun when playing outside!

    Katie (Charmaine's co-worker)

  4. HAHAHA - I love the Hair Watch 2010 :) Cuties!

  5. We have a sand/water table with an umbrella and it's great! I think ours came from BRU. Also those Little Tykes slides are great and lawn mowers. Both my kids love to push lawn mowers around the yard. You have a great flat drive way for little riding toys too. I just bring the ones that we usually use indoors, outside when the weather is nice.

  6. WATER TABLES rule! Grey is obsessed, i just put some pics on our blog!. Keeps him entertained and safe! Love it and highly recommend. Got ours at Target.

  7. Love this pictures. I have no great ideas, but will be stealing some of these :)