Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy 17 Months!

Every day I think I could never love you girls any more than I do on that day. But then G-d blesses us with another day and my love for you two somehow grows even more. Happy 17 months darling baby girls!

Here's the 17 month picture I decided to go with (Lexi on left, Lyla on right)

This was what I was going to go with, but then I realized Lyla's shorts were a little too short!

Flashback time! Here's Lexi and Lyla one year ago! I can't help but tear up when I look at this sweet little chubby babies! Look at how serious they were!


  1. Oh my goodness! I just caught up on your past few posts - I cannot get over how adorable they are! My heart melted, too, at the pictures of them in the chair together watching Sprout. BEAUTIFUL!

  2. LOVE THE NEW PICS! THEY ARE SO BIG! Can't wait for school to be over and to schedule some time with you girls!