Saturday, June 27, 2009

My Babies Are Awesome.

So Josh and I decided to buy this 10 foot above ground pool from my store. It has a filter and was only 50 big expectations there. However, it is SO MUCH FUN! Josh put it together Thursday night and we got in it after the girls went to bed. It was so relaxing and we felt like we were on a vacation. Yesterday I went to Old Navy to get the girls some bathing suits (big sale there by the way) and got a little carried away. Finally, today we got the girls in it after an enjoyable catfish fry with my parents and Josh's parents. And they LOVED IT. Well, until we noticed that Lexi happened to poop! Let me just say, cleaning up poop off a wet baby, who's wearing Little Splashers that pull up, is not easy. But, it was a great day, one of those days where you just can't help but feel incredibly lucky and blessed with these 2 beautiful baby girls.

Check out our sweet bikinis.

Lyla's chilling in her starfish

Daddy and his girls

Excuse my makeup-less, pale look I've got going on...focus on the water babies.


  1. Teach them to swim early in age. And they will always like it. My mother used to say stay away from the water you will drown, therefore I have never learned to swim.

    But, now that I am older I sure do love the hot tubs.

    Looks like all of you are having fun!

  2. They look adorable. I love those bikinis!

  3. Around here these days, you've gotta have some sort of pool. That looks awesome! We bought one of those 2 yrs ago and Phil and I would always get in it during nap time. The girls look like they're having fun!

  4. The girls are too cute for words in their itsy bitsy teeney weeney bikinis!! :)

  5. Love that pool! And the girls in those suits are so adorable!