Monday, July 6, 2009

Happy Seven Months!

Lexi and Lyla turned 7 months old on July 3rd! I wish we could say that we celebrated another month and July 4th in a big way but unfortunately that wasn't the case. Lexi and Lyla thought that since they turned 7 months that they didn't need naps anymore. I totally would not mind this because it would free us up to do more stuff...however, these girls don't do well without their naps yet. Even my normally sweet Lyla was fussy! Yikes. So while I enjoyed my weekend off with the girls, it was not as fun as it normally would have been. Today seems to be going better as the girls are napping right now for almost an hour!

I guess this goes with the territory of having twin 7 month olds. There's always speed bumps and rocky roads but it never changes the amount of love we have for Lexi and Lyla. We always know that no matter how bad of a day they may have, the next one will be a little bit better. We would have to be professional baby makers if everyday was perfect!

Other than that, Lexi and Lyla are doing great. They are rolling machines and sitting up really well. Lexi has been rocking her consonants and Josh swears that she says, "Hi Dada" all the time. Lyla hasn't started that yet but she tends to be a week or 2 behind sometimes. They love their dogs so much and look all around for them. They've been sleeping really well (except for this weekend) and usually don't wake up until 6:30-7:30. They LOVE sweet potatoes and I've given up on green vegetables since peas came back up and green beans got *THE* face.

And now, my 7 month photo shoot, which I must say is getting better!


  1. The girls are so cute! I love their smiles!

  2. So cute photos!! Happy 7 Months! My boys will be 7 Months on July 23rd!

  3. Let me know your secrets to getting them to sleep through the night and to put them down for a nap without rocking them. Thanks! u can also email me at

  4. Happy 7 months babies!!! My boys turned 7 months on July 5! Your girls are adorable! They look like they are sitting up very well!! So sweet!

  5. I LOVE the baby "green bean face"! It's my favorite!