Thursday, June 18, 2009

Storm Shelter

Last Friday we had a bad storm come through the Memphis area. I was at work watching it through the walk-up window, while taking care of an extremely storm-phobic patient (don't ask). One of our technicians asked me how Lexi and Lyla do during storms. I said that they are fine, they actually sleep really well though storms. However, Casey and Piper absolutely HATE storms. The storm got so bad that Josh actually had to take precaution and get in the closet with all FOUR of our girls. Of course, he had to take some pictures. They were too funny not to post. Oh, and everyone was fine after the storm, even my storm-phobic patient!


  1. That is so funny! By the time Phil got our storm shelter closet cleaned out, the storm had passed...and Julianna was NOT happy to be told to stay in a closet anyway. At least you can still strap your kids down! :)