Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

I know Josh will probably never read this, as he really does not check out the blog. However, just in case he happens to click on here during a nap time or some rare alone time for him...Happy Father's Day Josh.

Thank you for making me a Mama. Thank you for loving your girls more than I ever expected you would. Thank you for quitting your job to take care of your girls so that I could work with a peace of mind. Thank you for changing poopy diapers and describing the poop for me while I'm at work so I feel like I'm there. Thank you for texting me pictures of the girls while I'm at work. Thank you for making your girls smile and laugh. Thank you for figuring out a schedule that keeps the girls happy. Thank you for keeping the house clean so that I don't have to. Thank you for stepping back on my days off so that I can spend time with them. Thank you for handling all late night "paci replacements". Thank you for not forgetting our furry girls too.

We all love you more than we could ever tell you, which is maybe why I'm typing this.

Cecilia, Casey, Piper, Lexi, and Lyla


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