Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Long time

Well it's been almost 2 weeks since my last post! Honestly, there has not been a whole lot going on which is really a good thing! Lexi and Lyla are really doing well with eating and sleeping and they are just such wonderful babies. It has gotten so hard for me to go to work and leave these precious girls! So, if anyone wants to win the lottery for me, that would be great...thanks.

My sweet girls will be 4 months old on Friday, 1/3 of a year old! Time really flies. We have their 4 month appointment on Friday so I will update how that goes. Hopefully we get the OK to start solids so that should be fun! Josh and I let the girls have a little taste of mashed potatoes the other day and they seemed to really like them! Lyla loves to sit in her Bumbo on the table while we eat and she really takes an interest in our food so I think she's ready. And Lexi just loves to eat period so I think she won't mind it either!

Lexi and Lyla also got a chance to meet their Great-Aunt Patty and Cousin Patrick last week. I think everyone enjoyed themselves. I had to work most of the week and weekend so I only got to spend one day with them. Thanks for coming to see us though!

Also, our good friend Abby surprised us and came into town last weekend. Abby is a flight attendant and we get to see her about twice a year. It was great to see you Abby! Hopefully we will see you soon!

Lexi looks uncertain of her fluffy friend

Lexi's "popeye" smile

Lyla must have liked something on TV!

A rare picture of both girls smiling!

Mama said knock you out!

Lyla hanging out on the table at dinner with Grandma and Grandpa

Lyla again on the table with Bubbie and Lexi in the background

Bubbie and Zayde with their girls before a rally

Sleepy girl

The best part of my day!

Piper wanted in on the picture!

Casey has decided that she likes the camera now


  1. OMG Love the new pics. They have gotten so big...when can I come back again to visit??? I love their cute little spring outfits too!

  2. The girls are so photogenic! Glad to see they are doing well and you look great!

  3. I just love all the pictures! Thanks for posting so many.

  4. Tina Crow JordanApril 1, 2009 at 1:19 PM

    They are so cute... You should be so proud... I know Alan is so proud he use to work with my husband Brent... I stay in touch with him and get the updates...They are so beautiful and growing like a weed... Keep the pictures comming they make my day...