Thursday, March 5, 2009

Happy (belated) 3 Months Lexi and Lyla!

Lexi and Lyla turned 3 months old on March 3rd! Unfortunately I was at work and didn't get to make a post on the actual day but today will do. The girls are doing really well lately, which makes it even harder to go to work :( But they are still in great hands with their Daddy and that makes me happy! Both Lexi and Lyla have been eating so well lately so I'll be curious to see how much they'll weigh next month at their 4 month appointment! The biggest thing going on in their lives right now is their hands. These girls are obsessed! They will stick their fingers in their mouth and just smack away on them, frantically searching for the prized thumb. Last night after we put them down, Lexi actually found her thumb but it only satisfied her for a little bit...she still wanted Clifford, her Wubanub. They are also grasping toys more and more. We still have not rolled over but the girls are actually warming up to "tummy time" so maybe that will happen soon. My favorite thing though is that the smiles are coming so much more frequently. Every morning I feed the girls on my own at 6:00 am and they just smile and coo when I change them. It is so sweet and really sends me off to work in a great mood.

So there is a reason that I am a pharmacist and not a photographer. I attempted to take some 3 month pictures of the girls this morning and I just failed miserably. But, here they are in all their glory (Lexi in floral and Lyla in stripes):


  1. Very nice pictures even if you aren't a photographer. They are great memories!

  2. I think you did a great job with the pictures. Here is one of my tricks...When Ella is laying flat on her back, I sometimes take pictures of her upside down (i.e., I am standing at her head). I really like the way these turn out and it doesn't show the double chin that she seems to develop the other way. Plus, she stays still longer because she can't figure out why I am standing at that end.