Thursday, June 24, 2010

Water Table Madness!

I’ve been so behind on updating the blog!  A couple of weeks ago Lexi and Lyla got a water table and they love it!  We’ve been having so much fun playing outside, and the water table is the perfect way to stay cool in this miserable heat.  Lexi and Lyla get so excited when we pull out their swimmie diapers and crocs…they totally know what’s about to happen!

Lexi and Lyla 002

Lexi and Lyla 005

Lexi and Lyla 016

Lexi and Lyla 030


  1. Aww! Cutie pies! I've been wondering if we needed one of those... maybe we do! LOVE those teensy crocs ;)

  2. That's a neat water table. I need to find that one ,b/c mine sucked!!