Thursday, June 3, 2010

Playdate Part 2

So like I was saying in the previous post, after the kids were done playing in the spray park we went over to the playground to swing. Lexi and Lyla got a treat by being pushed by their buddies Chase and Julianna. They both laughed and laughed as they were swinging. Lexi kept turning around to look at Chase and you could tell she was loving him! Chase is such a good big brother and Kristen is so lucky to have such a good helper! JuJu also did a great job helping to push the girls. We were laughing because JuJu is so petite and she was probably pushing a kid that weighs just about as much as she does! Thanks again for a fun day!

Chase pushing Lexi (click on the picture to see Lexi's face: Priceless)

Here's Chase in action. I love his arms and again, Lexi's face!

Now Lyla gets a turn with Chase! (Click this one too for cuteness)

JuJu's helps push too!

Chase wanted to go play on the monkey bars so I was pushing the girls myself. Lexi kept turning around to see if Chase was still behind her!

Can you tell Lyla was having fun?

What about Lexi?

My darlings.

Apparently Lexi and Lyla might have already outgrown their swim suits!

Happy 18 months my little sweethearts! 18-month post coming soon...


  1. Great pictures. The girls are certainly having fun!

  2. Such cuties and looks like they had a blast from the pictures!

  3. You do have the same bathing suits! How cool! My girls haven't worn them for longer than an hour at a time, so we haven't felt the need for a diaper, but if we were going to be in them for longer, I'd probably use them, too! (Although I think I should have bought bigger suits because I'm not sure a diaper would fit under there! LOL!)

  4. Sweet swinging sisters! I love these photos!

  5. That last picture is hilarious!! We'll have to take them to the playground at Johnson Park sometime. Chase can be in charge of one of them while you have the other. He's getting to be a pretty good babysitter these days! Thanks for coming to play with us!

  6. Great pictures. The girls are certainly having fun!