Monday, June 28, 2010

Quick update

Lexi and Lyla had their slightly belated 18 month check up today. The big news of the day is that little miss Lyla has passed her sister in size! Our pediatrician is so pleased with their growth and development. I've been a little worried about their speech, but when we started listing all the things they say for the doctor, I realized they have a lot of words! Plus, their comprehension is great, so Dr. Mitchell, as usual, told me to quit worrying! We are so blessed to have such healthy girls! Here are their stats:

Lexi: 23 lbs 1 oz (25-50%ile)
32 inches (50-75%ile)

Lyla: 23 lbs 5 oz (25-50%ile)
32.5 inches (75%ile)

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