Sunday, March 28, 2010

Happy 15 Months (only a month behind)!

On March 3rd, Lexi and Lyla celebrated their 15 month birthday! I'm only about a month behind on this one, mainly because I was never able to capture a good picture of both of them! Oh, who am I kidding...Lexi and Lyla haven't been for their 15 month appointment yet either! Mama is just trying to catch up on life right about now. These past 15+ months with Lexi and Lyla have been amazing and every stage of their lives just keeps getting better and better. They are both constantly on the move and do not like to be pinned down for long. This makes stroller rides and high chairs interesting, although they seem to enjoy car rides. They are definitely vocal, although making out what they are saying is still difficult. One day we'll think they're saying a specific word, and then the next day they won't repeat it! They definitely understand certain things that we say, such as "Lexi, go get your paci and lovie" or "Lyla, go get your cup." They give real kisses and will blow kisses every once in a while. All in all, they are cuddly and adorable and we love them more than we ever thought we could!


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