Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Recent Random Pictures!

Some outtakes from the 13 month photo shoot:

Look at that fan up there!

Making stinky faces

Lexi's patiently working on her 8th tooth by chewing on her hand

We had a great nap, now change us lady!

This smile could possibly end all wars. So sweet Lyla.

Cuddly Lexi still sleepy after nap time.

Lyla can stand and clap all at the same time! Just move those feet baby girl and take some steps!

Two sleepy girls after a nap. Not quite ready to play yet!


  1. Ok, first, I have to say your girls are getting so big and so stinkin' cute!!! Isn't it just so fun! Second, I love the Dreft Stain Remover in the background of your first pic. Haha! That is a staple in our household. And third, I love the cell phone in the last pic!! My phone stops all whining instantly. Love it.

    Such precious dolls. Loved the pics!!

  2. Love the stinky face. Too cute.