Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Making Progress

Lexi and Lyla's walking skills seem to be improving daily. It seems like just as I was blogging about Lyla not walking while holding onto our finger, she all of a sudden starts! That's my little girl...prove me wrong! We find them walking more and more instead of crawling. It's crazy how these little girls pick things up!




  1. What good walking. Lyla was so cute walking. Soon they will just take off with you running behind them :)

  2. Oh how cute! They're doing great! We're starting to take a few steps, so hopefully we won't be too far behind!

  3. Cecilia- Gently used would be wonderful! And we would love for you to spread the word. I hear ya on worrying about the NICU stay, we didnt go to the NICU either...37w5d...but I probably drove Scarlett crazy with a million questions everyday about the NICU!!!! Email me at and I will send an address...dont want to post that online!! THANKS!