Sunday, January 10, 2010

Baby Steps

Lexi and Lyla have made major progress in this past week with their walking skills. Lexi will take 6-7 steps before either falling or sitting down. She still loves to walk holding our hands too. Today, I noticed her walking from toy to toy in the playroom instead of crawling, a few times. Lyla will take maybe 3 steps before leaping into my arms. The funny thing about her though, her steps are more like runs or jumps. Lyla still is not a huge fan of walking while holding our hands. But, progress is progress, and at least I know they are on their way! I have a few short videos that are way too hilarious not to share!

In this first video, you don't really see much of Lyla walking, but you do get to see the cutest smiley face ever at the end!

This video features my daughter Lyla, also known as...The Camera Thief.

Here's some actual steps by Lyla:

This video doesn't really do Lexi's walking skills justice. It does however demonstrate how silly things can become hats and how twin sisters can try to steal the spotlight.

Lexi's mad walking skillz:


  1. Cute!! My boys aren't too far behind your girls! Chase took 6 steps alot yesterday and Preston just 1 or 2. He's getting there.

  2. Oh, it's all over now! lol I love how much Lyla was concentrating on each step! So cute!!