Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tell Me Your Favorites

Hi Everyone! I'm once again looking for help! I want you all to leave me comments and tell me your favorites in these particular categories:

1. Sippy Cups
2. Big girl/boy car seats
3. Double strollers (side by side only please)

Here's my situation on all of these:

1. A few months ago, I got Lexi and Lyla the Nuk sippy cups because we use Nuk bottles. At that point they weren't so good at even holding them. To be honest, I kind of gave up on them practicing with them. I pulled them back out the other day and the girls can hold them so much better but they are getting frustrated because they can't get anything out of it. So, the genius mommy that I am, I tried to drink out of one. Um yeah. A 30 year old could have problems with that thing! Let me know what works for your babies! We're almost 9 months old so I think I better get working on this!

2. We have the Graco Safeseat infant carriers and I've been really pleased with them, but it's getting close to time to switch. We have so many Graco items, and they have all worked so well that I feel compelled to stick to the brand out of loyalty. However, this is a safety issue and therefore, extremely important to me! I know a lot of people like the Britax car seats, but once again, give me your opinion! As usual, cost is an issue, and remember, I need two.

3. Ever since that Bumbleride giveaway I entered, I've been dying for a side-by-side stroller for the girls. I do love my Graco Quattro Duo, but I often feel bad for the baby that rides in the back (Lexi). Obviously, my dream stroller is the Bumbleride due to it's size, features, and overall prettiness. But, $700 is a little bit out of the budget. Same goes for the BOB for all you BOB lovers out there...I'd love one but we have bills to pay. So does anyone have a good side-by-side they can recommend? Here's my wishlist: It can fit through doors, reclines on both sides, not too heavy, and somewhat pretty.

Ok! Get to it...Leave me comments and suggestions and thank you in advance!


  1. For beginners, try the nuby sippy cups, they have a silicone spout so it's soft and they can squeeze it with their gums and liquid will come out. Hopefully they will start sucking like Jacks did. Wil never liked anything silicone, including bottles. My fav plastic cup is the playtex twist and click. Right now, they are the only ones that don't leak.

    I love my Britax Roundabout. It was rated #1 in safety when I bought it, that's why I bought it. I also like my Graco Nautalis that Jacks rides in. I got it for him when Wil needed the Roundabout. It can convert from 5 strap harness, to seatbelt harness to booster seat and it could be the last seat you buy.

    And you know I love my BOB. I got it on ebay. Sometimes you can find good deals on there and craigslist sometimes. Good luck! Hope this helps!

  2. Also, those cheap, throw away cups that only have a cup and a lid helped Wil as well.

  3. Do the sippy cups they are trying now have handles? If not, that may help them transition. Usually a pliable rubber spout is good when first transitioning from the bottle to a cup (but those usually leak when not upright or when anything pushes on the spout), so switching to a more firm spout is probably necessary for the mess as soon as they have mastered the pliable rubber spout. I did use Nuby cups with my kids for their first cups. That is so strange that your nuby's are hard to drink from!

    We use these a lot-


    I love this one! It keeps their drinks so cold!!-

    I don't have one of these, but it's the same as above but a sippy cup-

    Julianna's been drinking out of ones like this for a while now. I find they don't leak like sippy cups can, and the use of a straw after the age of one instead of a spout is better for their palate development-

    As for car seats, I really just bought what was affordable. I think that both of ours are Gracco. Now that Chase is bigger, I do like that his has a cup holder, but before now he really couldn't utilize it. Girls might be better at that though, since they are usually neater. :)

    Here's all i know about double strollers (other than the one I have, which is the one you have)- my friend had a side by side which she sold last year b/c it fit EXACTLY through doorways, which was still almost impossible to do unless someone was able to hold the door totally straight so she could get in. So I wouldn't get one for going shopping or into buildings, etc. If you are looking for one for doing things like the zoo, 2 umbrella strollers might be better- for sure cheaper and easier to handle and store. They make some nice ones- with a shade and storage compartment underneath that are around $30. Just a thought since you do have a double already.

    Okay, I think that's enough advice for now! :) Good luck!

  4. I don't know much about sippy cups or convertible car seats yet, but I do LOVE my new stroller. We started out with the Eddie Bauer front-back one that our car seats fit in, and it was so heavy I could barely get it in and out of the car. I got a Combi Twin Sport EX, and I couldn't be happier with it. It weighs less than 25 lbs. and it fits through standard doorways (really, it does!). And both sides do recline, which was a must for us since the girls aren't sitting up alone yet. Here's the link to Babies R Us, but I ordered mine brand new on Ebay for $189.00. (http://www.toysrus.com/product/index.jsp?productId=3375005)

    Good luck with your search, and I will definitely check back for more car seat advice, as we will need new ones in a few months as well!

  5. What great advice you have received and I think I will steal some of it!

    We have only 1 sippy cup, a Nuby, which looks similar to this one: http://www.toysrus.com/product/index.jsp?productId=3393932

    Ella wanted nothing to do with it for the longest time. However, I started to let her drink from my open cup and then seemed more interested in it, but couldn't seem to figure out how to make the liquid always come out. One day I demonstrated it to her and ever since she is a master with it. I have actually considered buying one without handles because that confused her for the longest time. She was use to holding her own bottle which did not have handles.

    I plan to switch to new cups soon because these cups don't hold her bottle when she wants 7ozs.

    I don't really have any advice with car seats. The one we bought goes up to 30 lbs, so I plan to use it as long as possible. I have read that rear facing is safer as long as possible.

  6. Cups: For some reason I can't post a link but we like the Munchkin Mighty Grip (they come with handles at 8 oz and without handles at 10 oz) and the Playtex First Sipster, which are 7 oz and have handles. The Munchkin ones have the silicone spouts which I think help with the transition from the bottle. The spouts on the Playtex ones are more rigid but not completely so.
    Car seat: We have an Evenflo Triumph Advance that we like a lot. It is a convertible and can rear-face up to 35 lbs, forward-face up to 50 lbs. It is rated as good as the Britax but less spendy. Depending on when you need them, you can get good deals when they are clearing out one year's pattern to make room for the next. They retail about $160 but we got one for $100! Babies R Us always has 15% off coupons you can use on them, too.
    Sorry, no help w/ the double strollers. :)
    Good luck!

  7. 1. For sippy cups, all three girls always used this one the best: The Nuby Mega Straw Sipper.

    The twins have been drinking out of it for the past 3 months without any issues.

    2. Carseats: All three girls are in the Evenflo Triumph Advance Deluxe. I used to have a Britax Marathon. I thought the Britax was harder to adjust straps on. I also thought it seemed less comfortable for Charlotte as she grew. The Evenflo seems much more comfortable and is very easy to adjust.

    3. Double Stroller: We have the City Mini Baby Jogger and love it. I don't have anything to compare it to (except for the DSNG). It steers so easily. Folds quickly and fits in most aisles, doorways.

    Hope that helps!