Monday, August 10, 2009

Four Days of Bliss

Today is the last day of my AWESOME four day weekend. Even though I truly do love my job, I get so sad to think about having to go back to work! Lexi and Lyla are just such joys to be around! I feel bad because I have been doing an awful job at updating what they have been up to. Let's see...

Lyla's cut a tooth
Lexi's *this* close to crawling
both are desperate to pull up to a stand but are just not quite there
both are back to babbling and Lexi says "uh-oh"
we're about to be out of Swaddlers and into Cruisers
both girls are mastering feeding themselves
they look at each other and smile and laugh
both girls are ticklish on their feet
I took them out BY MYSELF (to work where they are so loved)
both girls LOVE both sets of Grandparents
they both smile ALL THE TIME
they both can get out of a sitting position themselves (on purpose)
Lexi would rather stand than sit
Lyla does little dances
Lyla shakes her head "no"
both girls sleep on their tummies or sides now

That's it for now. I could probably think of a ton of other things they do. They are just such sweethearts lately, I can't get enough of it. Every month I find myself thinking, "this is my favorite month so far". But really, 8 months has been fantastic. I am SO LUCKY!

I need to go take a shower while the girls are napping, but I'll post some pictures in a little bit....stay tuned! Ok, here's one to tide you all over (it's my new favorite!)


  1. I feel confident speaking for both sets of Granparents,,,we are the luckiest 4 people in the world to have the cutest twin grand-daughters.
    We love you both!

  2. cecilia - i love this picture - you and your ladies look wonderful :) Katie Newman

  3. Cecilia - What an amazing picture of you and your girls. They are so precious and you look great!