Thursday, August 13, 2009

Scratch That...

So in just the few short days since my previous post, Lyla now has TWO bottom teeth, Lexi is pulling up to a stand (sometimes), and Lyla is babbling more. It is crazy how fast things happen with babies. What's really crazy though, is that you would never know Lyla cut teeth, period. The girl could not be bothered. We found the first tooth because as she was inserting my finger in her mouth one night, I felt it. Then the second one just popped out the other day, and Josh said, "Lyla has another tooth." She has handled it like nothing has happened! Now Lexi might end up being a different story. Josh said she has been needy the past couple of days but ice in the mesh feeder and finger foods have been making her happy. So she's either getting ready to cut a tooth or she's just a piggie (probably a combination of the two)! I wish I had some pictures of Lyla's teeth to post but she will not let me get a picture! Here are some other pictures though that I had promised the other day!

Hello Baby Blues

We love our new toy from Grandma and Grandpa!
Hard at work

Lexi is looking a little plump in the above picture. That's all I wanted to say about that.

I guess it makes sense for the talkative baby to have the phone in her mouth
You might think that Casey looks upset about what's going on in this picture. But the truth is she loves it. She is never NOT around the babies. She lets them tug on her ears and tail. Also, we do have another dog. For some reason Piper runs from the camera.


  1. Paxton's teeth just popped up, no big deal. Kellen, oh my sweet Kellen, has cried every step of the way. So alike, but always so different. :-)

  2. No teeth for my girls yet, but they have to be on the way. Savannah has been unusually fussy lately and is going wild trying to cram every wet washcloth and anything else she can find into her mouth. OR, she could just be a piggie too...ha ha! We can't spoon feed her fast enough at meal time! Your girls are getting more beautiful by the day!!