Wednesday, July 22, 2009

No News Is Good News?

I really don't have much to report on what's been going on around here. Lexi and Lyla are doing great, happy and healthy! They are eating, sleeping, and playing well. Despite the lack of news, I do have some cute pictures to share (of course)!

This was a failed picture attempt. Lexi had here face smushed up against the pack and play but of course as soon as I got the camera she stopped.

This was another failed picture attempt. I was feeding the girls and every time I'd turn to feed Lexi, Lyla would shove her finger up her nose! As soon as we got the camera, she stopped, and it looks like she's smirking!

Sweet Lyla

Lexi's been cheesing it up a lot lately

Happy girls!

It looks like Lexi is kissing Lyla, but I don't think she was

Lyla's looking at Lexi like, "Now what are you going to do to me?"

Enjoying some ice in the mesh feeders!


  1. Very sweet little girls, Thank you for sharing the photos.

    In one word: Adorable!

  2. These photos are just too cute! Very happy babies!

  3. I don't know if I've told you before but my sister and I have a classic story about her pushing her face about against the netting of the playpen. I was a little over two and she was maybe Lexi and Lyla's age. When my sister would push her face up against the netting, I would run by, punch her in the nose and keep running. So, when my mom would come in to console her, she couldn't figure out why her baby was crying. One time I prepared to make my escape after punching her and apparently my father was there without my knowing, he caught my by the seat of my diaper and I went flying...the diaper exploded and I was whaling. My dad claims he thought he had killed me.