Saturday, May 23, 2009

A Very Belated Happy 5 Months!

I know I'm closer to 6 months than to 5 months, but I don't want Lexi and Lyla to look at their blog one day and wonder what happened to 5 months! The girls were doing wonderfully on their 5 month birthday and I believe it was around that time that we decided to drop their middle of the night feeding. Josh always did that one by himself and one day he realized that he was basically waking them up to feed them. Plus, he said that they were really uninterested in eating at that time (makes sense since he was waking them up!). They sleep really well, with Lexi waking up a couple of times just wanting her paci back. They used to wake me up in the morning by crying for their breakfast bottles but lately they wake each other up and just start babbling back and forth. It is the CUTEST thing to listen to over the monitor. When I go into their room, I usually find Lyla doing her "happy wiggle" as I call it with her blanket in her mouth. Lexi is usually turned on her side scratching her nails along the bumper. These girls are so sweet in the morning and it just really starts my day off right. Now here was my once again failed attempt at some 5 month pictures. Their precious outfits are courtesy of Aunt Debbie. Thank you Aunt Debbie, we love them!

Lexi (left) and Lyla (right)...very serious

This is what picture time always turns into...sister on sister

So sweet. I love you girls.

Ok- it's tummy time!


  1. How sweet! They are getting so big and are so adorable! I love those outfits. In one of the pictures, it looks like Lexi is loving on Lyla and Lyla is wishing that Lexi would get off of her. I bet they are a blast together. And, how cute to hear them talking together in the morning. What a wonderful way to start the day!

  2. They are looking sooo much alike in their matching outfits! And Lyla is catching up in weight with Lexi, huh? Precious, precious!!!