Thursday, May 28, 2009

I No Longer Have a Dining Room

It's a special night Lexi and Lyla fans. I'm giving you all TWO posts! Mostly because I'm about to be on my 4 day stretch at work and who knows when I'll have the time to update again.

Back to the title of the update...I no longer have a dining room. My dining room has been converted into Daddy Day Care. We moved the dining room table into the breakfast room and my empty hutch into the "foyer". The extender in the old breakfast table has been removed and that table is now in Daddy Day Care. Got it? The things you do for your babies. The girls now have a large room that holds their jumperoos, activity mat, Boppy, and numerous other goodies. Plus they have a big area to play on the floor. Here's some pictures of them playing:

I bet you didn't know that the Jumperoo tastes delicious!

Lexi...yes that is drool all over the front of her outfit.

Mama, do you want to try my fingers? They are awesome! (Lyla)

Why they aren't wearing bibs, I'm not sure

Lyla's deeply pondering one of the gadgets on her Jumperoo

I think the flash caught her off guard

Love your baby blues Lexi

Lyla all curled up with a good book

Reaching for the stars Lexi

Here's my first attempt at posting a short video! I hope it works! Also, I'm sorry for the picture overload but they were all so cute and I couldn't decide!


  1. I love it! I have always said a hugh room to make into a baby room would be great.
    I know when we babysit for friends of ours it is much easier to do it at their house, in their own surroundings.

    The dining room can be reassembled when they get older. Anything to make their care easier.

    Have a great day.

  2. Looks awesome! I am so jealous.

  3. Have no fear...I have lost my living room too. It has been completely taken over.

    umm...picture overload? No such thing. Loved seeing all the pictures!

  4. I really wanted to turn my dining room into a playroom last year, but we ended up using the upstairs bonus room. Like my sister in law said, there are no formal dinners when you have little kids anyway! :)