Thursday, May 28, 2009

Another "One Year Ago Today" Post

One year ago today was the day that our lives changed dramatically. One year ago today was a day we will never forget. One year ago today was the day we found out we were having TWINS.

My first pregnancy appointment was supposed to be on May 20th, 2008. Josh took off from work and we went to the appointment. They had me pee, took my blood, and put us in the room and we waited. And waited. And waited. Turned out that my doctor, whom I think might be the OB for the entire Memphis area, had to go into surgery for an emergency C-section. So we left and my pregnancy hormones put me in tears. I scheduled another appointment for May 28th because I did not want to wait a whole month.

On May 28th, 2008 I went to my appointment by myself because Josh could not take off work again so soon after the week prior. I finally got to see my saint of a doctor and I told him about some pain that I was experiencing on my left side. He felt it was probably nothing serious but wanted to rule out an ectopic pregnancy by ultrasound. Normally he would not order an ultrasound that early. So back to ultrasound I went, all by myself. The sweet technician got me all set up and the next thing she said to me was, "Well. Do you want a surprise?". Being naive, I thought maybe she could already tell the sex. Nope. She turned the monitor toward me and said, "Look, you're having twins!". I almost fell off the table. I started crying, "But I don't have twins in my family and I haven't been on fertility drugs!". She gently said, "Honey, the good Lord wouldn't give you anything you couldn't handle." For some reason, as soon as she said that, I felt a wave of calm come over me. "They're so cute!", was the first thing that came out of mouth after that, and then I thought, "Oh goodness, how am I going to tell Josh?". I never saw that ultrasound technician again after that appointment, even though we had about 10 ultrasounds. I wish I knew her name, because I'd love to thank her. On the most trying of days with Lexi and Lyla, I always remember what she told me: "The good Lord would NOT give me anything I could not handle."

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  1. Oh my gosh Cecilia, that made me cry! How sweet! And what good advice. :)