Thursday, June 21, 2012

Rewind: Memorial Day

I'm the worst blogger ever, which is really okay since I am not a professional blogger or anything. Take a trip back in time with me as I remember our fun Memorial Day cookout.

I have a friend. Her name is Deena. We've been friends for probably 27 or 28 years. Yeah that's right, we're old. Anyway, Deena married an awesome dude named David a year and a half ago and David likes to cook. This is a really important fact to mention because I really doubt that Deena can boil water. The even more important fact is that we like to eat. So Deena and David invited us, and our other best friend Brooke, who is pregnant, her husband Ryan, and little Celia, over for a cookout, along with the rest of Deena's family.

Lexi and Lyla loved getting to play with their buddies, Celia, Daphne, and Sampson.
They ate and swung ( um, English, help?) and played. The adults ate and drank and certain men argued about politics. It was a lovely time.


  1. LOVE days like that! And old friends are the best. : )