Saturday, June 23, 2012

First Splash Park Trip

Last week we headed to the local splash park for the first time this summer.  You might remember how much the girls enjoyed it last summer:

Cute little swim diapers hanging out the back!

We're still loving it as much as last year but without the swim diapers and with maybe a little more hair.  My super fun friend Allison, known to the girls as Aunt Al, came along with us.  

The girls love Aunt Al so much because:

1.  She buys them chicken nuggets and always shares her french fries.

2.  She buys us all rainbow popsicles.

3.  She takes them to the gross public potty even when she's barefoot.

4.  She has cool tattoos permanent marker drawings.

5.  She helps Mommy pull weeds.

Oh wait, that last reason might have to do with me and not Lexi and Lyla.  But I think you get the idea, Aunt Al is AWESOME!


  1. so two girls have those same two swim suits!!!

  2. Looks like so much fun!! I cannot wait til Nadia is able to go!!