Sunday, August 15, 2010

Happy TWENTY Months!

Yes, it’s more like twenty and a half months at this point, but seriously, who expects me to post these monthly birthdays on time any more?!  I can’t believe that in four short months, my baby girls will be 2 years old.  As much as I look forward to things that we can do as Lexi and Lyla get older, I also get so sad that they aren’t my snuggly little babies anymore.  But, I’m so incredibly thankful for each and every day spent with my healthy, beautiful, baby girls.  Daddy and I love you both SO much!

Lexi and Lyla 116


  1. Girls look great. Who gave out first? I bet Mom and Dad. Hard to believe it is 100 degrees by looking at them! Lyla looks so serious and Lexi is saying, Hey I'm slowing down.

  2. Almost 2??? But that sounds so grown-up! I still can't believe how fast it all goes by. I have to concentrate on the benefits of getting a little bigger, or I would be so sad that my babies aren't quite "babies" anymore!

  3. They will always be your snuggly little babies!