Sunday, September 20, 2009

My Little Volunteers

As most of you know, Josh and I went to the University of Tennessee and we are HUGE UT fans. Our blood truly runs orange around here and we are hoping to raise some future Lady Vols. Unfortunately this year's football season has not been the best so far, but we have hope for the future. My parents were kind of enough to watch Lexi and Lyla last weekend so that we could go to Knoxville for the UCLA game. I'm hoping to get some pictures from my father so that I can post about our weekend and Lexi and Lyla's weekend! Until then, here are some pictures I took yesterday as the girls prepared for their first big rivalry game: UT vs. Florida. We lost, but the Vols showed great heart and spirit, and we are very proud of them! GO VOLS!

Take 1: Mama's hair is up and the girls are unsure

Take 2: Mama's hair down with silly baby smiles

Lexi's showing some cleavage!

My little Vol halo and all!

Cruising for a win?

Maybe a future cheerleader?


  1. SO CUTE! Love the girl's outfits! GO VOLS!

  2. Where did you get your gate from? We are about to purchase one for our boys. please reply on my blog or at