Friday, September 4, 2009

Happy Nine Months!

I can NOT believe that my teeny tiny baby girls are now NINE months old. That's 3/4's of a year old! Lexi and Lyla are up to so much these days, including crawling and pulling up. They are busy little girls! They both have 2 bottom teeth, both wear size 3 Pampers Cruisers. We won't be going to the doctor for their 9 month check up until the middle of the month, so I don't know their official weights and heights yet. When we weigh them on our scale, Lexi is over 18 pounds and Lyla is over 17 pounds, but I don't know how accurate that is. Lexi is very vocal and knows that if she cries, "MAMA", she will get picked up by her Mama, but she says Dada more. Lyla has started saying Dada and Mama as well but mostly just makes cute little noises. They continue to be such happy, sweet girls, and they are loved so much!

Taking their 9 month pictures was pretty difficult with how mobile they are now, but here you go!


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