Friday, February 20, 2009

Good Times On My Day Off

I work a 3 week rotating schedule which gives me two 3 days weekends every 3 weeks. Due to some scheduling changes I have ended up with a four day weekend this week which is wonderful! Today was the first of four days off and it started off with a bang! I fed Lexi at 7:30 am and Lyla at 8:00 am. We used to be able to feed them both at the same time but lately it just turns into a mess. I think they distract each other and just end up screaming. Back to my point...after they ate, they both took a little nap and then sat in their Bumbos for a while. Then I fed Lyla at 11:30 am and Lexi at noon. Lexi went into her bouncy seat and napped for a bit and I let Lyla lounge in her Boppy alternating tummy and back. Once Lyla got tired of that I put her in her bouncy seat and went to get Lexi. About this time Lexi let out the LOUDEST fart I have ever heard (from a baby). I smelled her...nothing. So I picked her up and decided to put her on her tummy on the Boppy. And this is what I saw (NOT FOR THE EASILY GROSSED OUT!!!):

No joke. This child pooped all the way up her back in what can only be described as a massive poop explosion. There was even a poop stain in the bouncy seat! My daughter has some skills.

In other news, we are attempting to slowly move toward sleeping through the night (still). The girls are finally letting us put them flat on their backs more. They go through phases where they will only sleep in their bouncy seats but they've been getting better about this. We had been keeping them together in the pack n play but I noticed that they would punch each other and then wake each other up. So we have separated them...Lexi in the pack n play and Lyla in the co-sleeper. I'm still not ready to put them in their cribs. I think they are doing better separated!

And finally, the girls are really noticing their hands these days. They love to clasp them together on their chests and Lexi is starting to bring her fingers to her mouth. Lyla took and held a plastic link today while sitting in her Bumbo...she waved that thing around proudly for a while!

I hope you all have a good weekend!


  1. Oh yes, I've experienced a few blow outs myself! At least that one didn't get on you! Chase had a blow out one time while sitting in my lap, and I was home alone. It was much worse than Lexi's, I'll just leave it at that. That's why my mom always told me to pack an extra outfit for me when I go out with a baby. Not a bad idea.

    Got some good stain remover? Invest in it in bulk. Seriously!!

    Glad you have 4 days off! I have a gift for them. Maybe I can swing it by on Monday. I'll call you.

  2. Awww,,,,,with a pooper like that is proves she is my grand-daughter!