Thursday, February 12, 2009

Back to Work :(

I had to go back to work on Tuesday. It was really hard to leave Lexi and Lyla but knowing they were with their Daddy made it a little bit easier. I miss them so much when I'm at work but luckily we have been so busy that it keeps my mind off of them (a little bit). Plus my coworkers are awesome and we manage to have fun! I keep a few pictures on the counter for when my customers/patients ask about them and Josh sends me text messages with pictures often. They've been a little fussy lately and we're not quite sure what's going on with them. We think they might be teething but it just seems so early for that. They've been drooling a lot and they are really wanting to chew on things. No fevers so I don't really feel a need to call the doctor. Any ideas from my fellow Mamas?

Here are some pictures that Josh took on my first day back to work:

Lexi hamming it up!

Holding feet

This face will make any bad day go away!

One of my patients made these beautiful blankets for the girls and asked that I take a picture of them on it for her. Here are some of my attempts:


  1. I know it had to be hard to leave them. I don't know how anyone does it! The girls are getting so big. I love the one with Lexi smiling at the beginning and the ones with them looking at each other. TOo cute.

    They might be teething...they can be teething for months before they actually get teeth. They will push for a little while, and then stop, and do it again, etc. I said Jacks was always teething and he didn't get his first tooth until he was 10 months, Wil is the same way, but still no teeth.

  2. I feel ya with leaving your babies! I have no idea about the fussiness and drooling. Ella always seems to be drooling since I noticed her making spit bubbles about 1 month ago. I will be interested to read what other moms have to say.

    They are getting so big and I just want to love on them. I love the picture of them holding feet; it is absolutely adorable! How are y'all splitting duties now? I can only imagine how tough it is.

  3. I just started back to work on the 2nd and it is hard I miss my girls like crazy, but also enjoy the interaction with adults and the challenges that my job brings.
    My guess for the fussiness would be teeth as well. One of my girls has shown definite signs of teething. The only other thing I could suggest is a growth spurt, I think we just went through one with the girls, that meant crankiness and messed up schedules. They are now back on schedule and their happy cheery selves, except for the coughing and runny noses.

  4. I agree with other commenters, it is probably teeth. Like they said, it comes in spurts until they finally pop through then they are so happy for a few weeks until it starts all over. They have the sweetest little smiles.

  5. Adorable little girls! I love these pics. And those outfits when they are on the blanket??? Too cute.

    Anyway, I can only imagine how hard your first few days going back are. I am lucky to be home with mine, but there is the trade-off of my mind feeling like mush and also having no money.

    It probably is teeth. Not actually coming in, like others said, but just starting. Charlotte started teething around 3 months and it was 9 months until her first two popped through. My girls started drooling everywhere and gnawing on their hands a few weeks ago. I mean, when they are upright now, they SOAK bibs through. Oh, teething. What fun!

    Have a great weekend with your family!