Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Why I Run

1. It keeps me healthy.
2. I love running shoes.
3. It makes me feel alive.
4. Runner's High is totally a real thing.
5. G-d gave me legs so why not use them?
6. It's *MY* time.
7. I have cool trails in my town.
8. It makes me have to shave regularly.
9. It's more acceptable to wear running shorts all day when you've actually run.
10. I love running shorts.
11. I want to be a good exercise influence on Lexi and Lyla.
12. My husband thinks I'm hot.
13. I get to listen to MY music and not Disney Princesses.
14. It makes me wake up early.
15. Did I mention how much I love buying workout clothes?
16. It makes me eat healthier.
17. I get cool t-shirts when I run races.
18. I like to challenge myself.
19. I lose weight.
20. I get to be a badass like KATNISS!!! Yeah that's right, I totally pretend like I'm a fictional character from a young adult series while I run. Gotta problem with it? I hope not, because I'm a runner and I could totally kick your ass!! ;)


  1. I love all your reasons and agree totally!! You go girl!!

  2. Number 1 and number 19 are all I need to inspire me! I just don't run! Nate does. I need to excel to running so I can lose weight and be healthy!

  3. This list makes me laugh! I have run off and on, but have never considered myself a "runner". I do love exercise clothes, though!

    I haven't been exercising regularly (with the exception of walking with the girls) for the past year or so. Their sleep schedule just doesn't allow me to exercise and then be guaranteed a shower...and it just messes up my day if I can't at least rinse of the sweat. Ick! ;)

    Thanks so much for your offer about Memphis...I'd love to run a couple of things by you. I don't think I have your email, though. Would you mind dropping me a note when you have a chance? Thanks again!